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Very important fact about GcMAF treatment.

There are different generations in GcMAF therapy.  The first generation GcMAF was developed over 20 years ago.  Due to limited testing and clinical uses, the efficacy is unknown.

2019 Integrative Medical Therapies conference – Osaka, Japan

Thank you very much for your participation at the Saisei Mirai 2019 Integrative Medical Therapies conference in Osaka. Contents If you would like to learn more about advanced integrative medical therapies including treatments available in our clinics and treatment cases, please participate in this conference and take advantage of this great educational opportunity. – Dr Toshio Inui, CEO – This medical conference is a conference gathering of cancer therapy experts from both Japan and abroad. We will give lectures on mechanisms and cases of each treatment by domestic and international specialists including Dr Toshio Inui, CEO and Dr Shinichiro Akiyama, General Director, Saisei Mirai. All lectures will be have simulations […]

Oral Colostrum GcMAF

Oral Colostrum GcMAF is a food produced from colostrum which contains immune cells and many antibodies and it helps boost the immune system.

Skin bank service

The future of your beauty Our skin bank service holds on to your beauty for you.

Skin Cell Injection Therapy

Rejuvenate your skin Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Regain your skin’s ability to create the tone and elasticity of youth by augmenting your skin cells. Recommended for persons seeking natural aging care which doesn’t involve injecting foreign substances.

Hyper T/NK cell therapy

The combination therapy with systemically administered T lymphocytes, Hyper T cells, and NK cells demonstrated significant clinical activity in some patients with cancer in clinical trials involving more than 100 cases.

Cancer vaccine therapy

The autologous cancer vaccine is derived from tissue fragments from the patient’s own cancer (tumor) and immunoadjuvants.

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