2019 Integrative Medical Therapies conference – Osaka, Japan

Integrative Medical Therapies Conference Osaka, Japan 2019


If you would like to learn more about advanced integrative medical therapies including treatments available in our clinics and treatment cases, please participate in this conference and take advantage of this great educational opportunity. – Dr Toshio Inui, CEO –

This medical conference is a conference gathering of cancer therapy experts from both Japan and abroad.

We will give lectures on mechanisms and cases of each treatment by domestic and international specialists including Dr Toshio Inui, CEO and Dr Shinichiro Akiyama, General Director, Saisei Mirai.

All lectures will be have simulations interpretation in either English or Japanese.

We are also welcome participation from the general public, patients and family members.


Date and time2 days :
Saturday  Jan-12-2019   10:50am to 7:00pm (Doors open 10:00am)
Sunday     Jan-13-2019   10:00am to  6:00pm (Doors open  9:30am)
Participation fee10,000 JPY (with lunch box)
Method of paymentPayments to be made on the day in cash.
ApplicationApplication form
PlaceOsaka International Convention Center
12th floor, Conference Hall5-3-51, Nakanoshima Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0005
JAPANTEL: +81 (0)6-4803-5585
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Program Schedule

The topics might change. TBA on this website.

Speakers (in no particular order)

Dr. Osamu MizukamiConfarence Chairman, Health Promotion Clinic (Japan)
Dr. Ahvie HerskowitzAnatara Medicine, San Francisco Stem Cell Center (US)
Dr. Matt SchlechtenMATT SCHLECHTEN, N.D. (US)
Dr. Yury VedovVEDOV Clinic (Russia)
Dr. Heather WayThe Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis (Australia)
Dr. Taufiq BinjemainNIIM Gold Coast (Australia)
Dr. Joachim FluhrerYour Health Group (Australia)
Dr. Antonio JimenezHope4Cancer Treatment Centers (Mexico)
Dr. Emar F. VogelaarEuropean Laboratory of Nutrients (Netherlands)
Dr. Dorit AradMDSure Company (Israel)
Dr. Padmanabhan KGL K Wellness Centre (India)
Dr. Deibby MamahitThe Researcher of the Autism (Singapore)
Dr. Lenny TanBiogenic Integrative Center (Indonesia)
Dr. Kenny YongWell Again HealthCare Diagnostic Center (Malaysia)
Dr. Takeo WataraiTokai Watarai Clinic (Japan)
Dr. Youko UchiyamaYouko Clinic (Japan)
Dr. Tsuguharu TakahashiTakahashi Clinic (Japan)
Dr. Shie MatsumiyaTengenji Solaria Clinic (Japan)
Dr. Shinichiro AkiyamaSaisei Mirai R Future Cancer Int’l Clinic (Japan)
Dr. Toshio InuiCEO of the Saisei Mirai Clinic group (Japan)


Note : Due date for Application is 12/21/2018.