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High Dose GcMAF 2.5 ml multi-dose vials (1500 ng/0.5 ml):

  • Each vial contains 4 doses GcMAF at 0.5 ml/dose with 0.5 ml extra GcMAF per vial. Up to 5 doses GcMAF may be possible to use for each vial.
  • Minimum order of 4 vials.
  • Common quantities - 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 vials. Other quantities available.
  • Please contact us for pricing.

  • Prices quoted usually cost about 9,000 JPY for shipping and handling by EMS International Express Mail Service worldwide (unless specified otherwise). Cost of shipping by UPS, FedEx, DHL or other shipping companies may need to be calculated for some countries.
  • All GcMAF is manufactured to our patented Second Generation GcMAF production process.
  • Keep vials refrigerated at 2-8 °C for multi-dose use. For long term storage > 1 year, vials maybe be kept frozen and defrosted once for multi-dose use.
  • Please contact us if you require other quantities.
  • By ordering you are considered a patient of Saisei Mirai Clinics. Any personal information provided is treated as confidential.

Payment information

Payment is by wire transfer to our account in Japan. After you confirm your order with us, simply make your wire transfer (see details below). Ideally funds should be sent as Japanese Yen (JPY) or the equivalent amount calculated by your bank, and accept all fees and charges, so that the correct amount is received by us. Once you have made your transfer, please let us know the details of the transfer (such as the account name and bank), so that we can identify your payment more quickly. As soon as we confirm your payment, we will ship your Gc-MAF on the next suitable day depending on the destination. Allow 2-3 business days for payments to be cleared and received by us.

Wire transfer details (International Telegraphic Transfer):

Beneficiary:  Imagin-K Co. Ltd

Beneficiary address:  3-34-8 Okubo-cho, Moriguchi-shi, Osaka 570-0012, Japan

Name of bank:  Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Neyagawa Branch

Bank Address:  16-14 Hayako-cho, Neyagawa-shi, Osaka 572-0837, Japan

Account number:  7038812


  • Visit your bank and ask the staff to make a wire transfer from your account. Alternatively, you may be able to do this online via your bank's internet banking service, if you have this set up.
  • Funds should be sent as Japanese Yen (JPY).
  • Note: International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is not used in Japan.
  • Internet banking: Some websites don't allow a dash to be included in the postal code, so if necessary, the dash may be omitted so that the post code/ZIP code becomes one number (e.g., 570-0012 becomes 5700012).
  • Please ensure you provide us with your full name, shipping address and a contact telephone number when you order.

  • GcMAF is a natural immunotherapy product. Variation in GcMAF concentration is due to normal variation between serum samples. Just like Lymphocytes or Natural Killer cells vary in number between people and at any given time, so will the amount of GcMAF which can be produced.
  • Charges for shipping and handling apply to each order. We use EMS International Express Mail Service with tracking information. Each package includes cooling packs to keep Gc-MAF at a stable temperature during shipping. Our second generation GcMAF is stable enough at room temperature to maintain a high level of activity for the days in transit. See more details about the Stability of GcMAF in Serum (PDF) report in Research and references for an experiment done by the University of Tokushima on stability by phagocytic activity of our 2nd generation GcMAF after short-term and long-term storage.
  • We ship GcMAF as a liquid in high quality multi-dose vials. After arrival the vials should be stored in the refrigerator to maintain maximum activity until each injection.

  • Estimated stability of 2nd generation GcMAF

    Activity remains stable at room temperature for a minimum of 2 weeks and at least 1 year refrigerated (2-8 °C).

    Shipping notes

    We use special packaging and cooling packs to keep the temperature of the vials stable. GcMAF is strong enough at room temperature to maintain a high level of activity for the days in transit. See Tests of our GcMAF and Research and references for more details. The GcMAF is expected to reach you in excellent condition with no loss in activity. We ship fresh Gc-MAF as a liquid. After arrival the vials containing GcMAF should be stored refrigerated to maintain maximum activity for multi-dose use.